JVZ & Slater

Thank you Slater Trout! This guy is drenched in the Aloha Spirit, a first class human being who's authentic passion for the sport not only enlightened, but inspired us at SUP JAM AUSTIN.

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  1. What a great event! I have been around many great athletes in my day and one of the common threads of the truley great athletes (both in and out of races) is the abililty and willingness to inspire those of us who are not as gifted as they are. Slater could have gotten out of the water after he played with this race, (and he did play..i saw him drop me and make up about 2 min on the 1st 3 guys in the last 1 mile) but instead he stayed in the line up and cheered us on....helping us finish as strong as we could. I look up to a 15yr old!...and I dont even mind!!! Thanks for a great event.

    Bob Talamini Houston Texas